Raül Leiva
Raül Leiva

My name is Raül Leiva and I'm a Designer with a wide range of experience over 17 years.

My areas of expertise are Web design and Motion graphics.

Web UX/UI & Front-end, Social media and DOOH.
I feel comfortable in creativity, whatever the media.

I'm from Barcelona but I have lived in Madrid for 6 years.
Now, I'm living in London.

In Barcelona I obtained the Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and another in Electronic Arts and Digital Design at ESDi Ramon Llull University.

I'm always looking for new ways of communicate to give innovation in every project.

Creativity is present in all aspects of my life, it's my way of life.
I’m passioned about music and on my own time I perform as a DJ/VJ and produce music videos.

Mirémonos - Alter ego

Music video for the band Mirémonos.

The Bright - Aire

Music video for the band The Bright.

I'm a versatile designer.
During my tenure with my previous employers, I have had the opportunity to learn about different skills from print to development.

My tools are:
Paper and pencil
Adobe Creative Suite
HTML, CSS and jQuery
Sass & GIT
Data visualization: D3, Tableau

I have big experience coordinating concept, design and art direction in work groups where media & creative agencies, editors and developers were involved.

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